Whānau Ora Organisational Development


“Give someone a fish and they eat for a day; teach someone to fish, and they can feed themselves and their relations for a lifetime” - Chinese proverb, adapted here. If you’ve ever tried to teach someone something, or been the student in a teaching moment, you’ll know that the idea of ‘teaching someone to fish’ may well be fraught with traps and wrong turns. Even if a teacher has the best [ Continue Reading ]

Māori 3.0

Maori 3.0

Whānau Ora has shifted the way we should view government programmes and services for Māori. Before Whānau Ora the government was largely resourcing responses to perceived Māori needs, with these needs defined by disparities in health, income, education, housing, justice, etc. experienced by individual Māori and Māori households. Even then there were often difficulties defining these disparities or [ Continue Reading ]