Talking with Geoff Nauer


On July 30, 2013, at the He Manawa Whenua conference, Geoffry Nauer talked to Fiona Cram about his background - personal and research - and also about a recent evaluation project. Geoff was born in New Zealand and is of Samoan and German heritage. Born in South Auckland, he left school at 16, moved to Hawke’s Bay, and began a thirty-odd year stint at the freezing works. During this time, he [ Continue Reading ]

Pacific Families, Disability, and Whānau Ora Research #2

Disability at a Glance 2012

“Pacific disabled peoples and their families can live in their home and take part in their community in the same way other New Zealanders do” (Vision, Faiva Ora, Ministry of Health, 2010, p.3). In 2008 a report was published by the Ministry of Health on Pacific People’s experience of disability, as a background paper for the review of the Pacific Health and Disability Action Plan. It provides [ Continue Reading ]

Te Huarahi o te Ora

Te Huarahi o te Ora

Rachel Selby and Alex Barnes have authored Māori mentoring and pathways to wellbeing: Te Huarahi o te Ora (published by Te Tākupu, Te Wānanga o Raukawa, 2013, $20). “This book records the journey of whānau and hapū which committed to strengthening individual members through a hapū based mentoring programme which in turn would strengthen the marae and hapū” (Preface). In 2005 the Ngātokowaru [ Continue Reading ]

The Pukapuka Hauora Asthma Study


The methodology for an asthma study with Māori whānau was recently published in BMC Public Health. The Kaupapa Māori research by Bernadette Jones, Tristram Ingham, Fiona Cram, Sarah Dean and Cheryl Davies examined whānau experiences of having a child with asthma. The study was a collaboration between researchers at the University of Otago, Wellington and Tū Kotahi Māori Asthma Trust, and funded by [ Continue Reading ]

Pacific Families, Disability, and Whānau Ora Research #1

Le Va Pasifika within Te Pou1

“Independence is particularly important for Pacific people with disabilities, who, while valuing their important relationships with family caregivers, also want to be able to participate independently in society” (Ministry of Health, 2010, p.4). In 2010 the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs published their strategic plan for the health of Pacific peoples, ‘Ala Mo’ui: [ Continue Reading ]

Now Live : Social well-being in New Zealand – Insights from the General Social Survey 2012

stats nz

Click on the links below to access the New Zealand General Social Survey: 2012; Information and media releases, our new interactive web tool, poster and brochure:

Information release:
 Media release: [ Continue Reading ]

Method or methodology, what’s the difference?

method pic

In my fifth writer’s toolkit post I set out a plan for writing an introduction for a research report after initially developing my abstract to both guide and focus my writing. In my next post I’ll use the same SmartArt tool in Microsoft Word to think through the layout of my methodology and method section. Before I do this I want to talk briefly here about the difference between methodology and [ Continue Reading ]

Indigenous Pathways into Social Research


"A new generation of indigenous researchers is taking its place in the world of social research in increasing numbers. These scholars provide new insights into communities under the research gaze and offer new ways of knowing to traditional scholarly models. They also move the research community toward more sensitive and collaborative practices. But it comes at a cost. Many in this generation have [ Continue Reading ]