Te Ahi Kaa – Keeping our Marae Safe from Fire

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In September 2005, fire damaged the dining room, Ngaparetaihinu, at Tukorehe Marae, Kuku, Horowhenua. With the support of the New Zealand Fire Service Commission, Te Iwi o Ngāti Tukorehe Trust undertook research with whānau within the area. “What is the potential contribution of cultural identity and well-being to the development of marae fire safety culture and plan?,” was one of the key research [ Continue Reading ]

INZONE for Academic achievement


Native Affairs recently filmed a piece on the Inzone Project, which is a project that looks at establishing a means for  young Māori and Pasifika boys who are living beyond the zone limits to get a good quality education at Auckland Boys Grammar. The project was begun in 2011 by Terrance Wallace, an African American man who wished to establish a means by  which young Māori and Pasifika boys could [ Continue Reading ]

Whakauae: Research for Māori health and development

Whakauae was established in Whanganui by Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Hauiti in 2005, with Dr Heather Gifford as Research Director. Whakauae’s mission is: “To assist Māori to reach their potential by sustainably delivering Māori research founded on academic and research excellence, and mātauranga Māori, in a way that brings together Ngāti Hauiti interests, with the interests of Māori in general.” Whakauae [ Continue Reading ]

Pacific Research Methodology

Punapuna a manu fou, To begin heartily and finish weakly.   (Samoan proverb) In my last post I presented the principle of respect which includes feeding the results of  research back to the community. However, my recent experience reminded me that it is not enough to feedback the findings from the report at the end of the research project; from the outset, researchers/report writers [ Continue Reading ]

Publication of the Maori Workforce Service Forecast


  "Nau te rourou, naku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi -With your basket and my basket the people will live"   The Māori Workforce Service Forecast has been released this month. Commissioned by Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) to complete a review and forecast for future action and practice with regard to Maori health in New Zealand,  Reanga Consultancy have come up with a rich [ Continue Reading ]

Talking with Geoff Nauer


On July 30, 2013, at the He Manawa Whenua conference, Geoffry Nauer talked to Fiona Cram about his background - personal and research - and also about a recent evaluation project. Geoff was born in New Zealand and is of Samoan and German heritage. Born in South Auckland, he left school at 16, moved to Hawke’s Bay, and began a thirty-odd year stint at the freezing works. During this time, he [ Continue Reading ]

Te Huarahi o te Ora

Te Huarahi o te Ora

Rachel Selby and Alex Barnes have authored Māori mentoring and pathways to wellbeing: Te Huarahi o te Ora (published by Te Tākupu, Te Wānanga o Raukawa, 2013, $20). “This book records the journey of whānau and hapū which committed to strengthening individual members through a hapū based mentoring programme which in turn would strengthen the marae and hapū” (Preface). In 2005 the Ngātokowaru [ Continue Reading ]

The Pukapuka Hauora Asthma Study


The methodology for an asthma study with Māori whānau was recently published in BMC Public Health. The Kaupapa Māori research by Bernadette Jones, Tristram Ingham, Fiona Cram, Sarah Dean and Cheryl Davies examined whānau experiences of having a child with asthma. The study was a collaboration between researchers at the University of Otago, Wellington and Tū Kotahi Māori Asthma Trust, and funded by [ Continue Reading ]

Now Live : Social well-being in New Zealand – Insights from the General Social Survey 2012

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Click on the links below to access the New Zealand General Social Survey: 2012; Information and media releases, our new interactive web tool, poster and brochure:

Information release: http://www.stats.govt.nz/browse_for_stats/people_and_communities/Households/nzgss_HOTP2012.aspx
 Media release: [ Continue Reading ]

Method or methodology, what’s the difference?

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In my fifth writer’s toolkit post I set out a plan for writing an introduction for a research report after initially developing my abstract to both guide and focus my writing. In my next post I’ll use the same SmartArt tool in Microsoft Word to think through the layout of my methodology and method section. Before I do this I want to talk briefly here about the difference between methodology and [ Continue Reading ]