Submission Guidelines

Why upload your research?

We’ve built this website to share research papers, articles, case studies and documentation, to help pass on new ideas, approaches and good practice to our sector, and tell their story for future generations.

We’ve built it! Now we need YOU to populate it!

Benefits of uploading your research

  • You pass on what you’ve learned
  • You can be found by those with an interest in your field
  • Sector and iwi knowledge is retained – not lost!
  • Don’t be shy! No-one benefits from unpublished or inaccessible research..

What forms of research we accept

We are looking for research around the wider Whānau Ora concept.  This includes research, evaluations, reports, studies, dissertations, powerpoints, conference papers, case studies and theses.  We encourage all forms of documentation including song or waiata, poetry, sculpture or korero and we accept multimedia/digital files.  And your work does not need to be peer-reviewed.

Why PDF files?

We ask that you convert your file to a PDF file. Why do we do this?

Because many filetypes such as Microsoft Word and Excel can carry malicious programs that will cause us and your readers problems. It also prevents deliberate or accidental changes being made to your document under your name!

In addition, there are so many versions of software out there that some of your readers will open your file only to find the formatting has been corrupted. A PDF file can protect them from all of this.

Almost all filetypes can easily be converted to PDF using File – Save As in your menu area. If you’re not sure, contact us and we’ll help you to learn how to “PDF” your document…

Why should I reduce the size of my file?

If your filesize is over 3MB please contact us instead as you cannot upload files this large. Usually this is a result of large images in your word document, or large video or audio files.

What are Creative Commons licences?

When you upload your research, you will be offered a Creative Commons licence.

The Creative Commons protects your work while allowing others to use it and even change it.

The Creative Commons is an important feature of our website and our agreement with you when you upload research.  You select a Creative Commons licence for each piece of research or resource you upload.

The Creative Commons offers you a range of licensing options ranging from full copyright (all rights reserved) to public domain (no rights reserved).   You get to determine the level of permission you will grant, and the conditions for the use and reproduction of your work.

These are free licenses.  You choose your licence when you upload your research and your choice is shown with the metadata that others see when they search for your work.

See the Creative Commons licences here...

How to upload your research

There are just three steps:

  1. In Step 1, we ask whether you agree with the Authors Agreement
  2. In Step 2, we ask you for information about your file including the author, keywords, date, whether it is in English or Te Reo Māori. This helps people search for your work.
  3. Finally, in Step 3, you can upload your file…

Too difficult? Or too busy? Contact us and let us help upload your research!

We’ll upload up to 10 pieces of your research to our website within 10 working days.