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Whanau ora research, tool, practice and resouces

Within this website we curate research about Whānau Ora, communities and whānau, share it with a broader audience, create a hub for researchers, iwi and community organisations to share their ideas, and practice. This is a site for Maori and Pasifika whanau engagement, tools, resources and research. We honour the vision and partnership of our kaitiaki and funders past and present who have and continue to prioritise this work.

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A significant focus of social change in Aotearoa is the status of Maori and Pasifika whanau in terms of equity and realising potential across health, education, housing, justice sectors and utilising cultural strength, economic development, and addressing systemic racism. This is a site that can help share strategies, tools and evidence from the government and NGO sectors to help lead change and practice.

Maori and Pasifika Research and Evaluation Capability and Capacity

In line with our commitment to Te Tiriti, Community Research is committed to supporting increased capability and capacity of the evaluation and research sector to ensure Kaupapa Maori and Talanoa approaches and world views are a core part of any design and evaluation work on programmes, funding and investments that focus on our people. We are establishing a community in partnership with Whanau ora, Maori and Pasifika researchers, networks and organisations to work together on this kaupapa. Please contact if you are keen to be part of this network.

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