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Marae based Whānau Ora PATH Planning

Kataraina Pipi and Kim Whaanga-Kipa

A presentation by Kataraina Pipi and Kim Whaanga-Kipa about the marae based Whānau Ora PATH Planning

Whānau Hapu Iwi

PATH Planning Tool – Presentation to the Whānau Ora Hui – Sharing the Learning

Kataraina Pipi and Mariao Hohaia (PATH Facilitators)

This presentation provides an overview of the PATH planning tool, its use in Aotearoa over the past ten years, with individuals, whānau, organisations and businesses. The current and potential use of the PATH planning tool in Whānau Ora is shared along with training opportunities that are available to become a PATH Facilitator.

Navigators, Programmes, Whānau Hapu Iwi
Public Health

The PATH Planning Tool and its Potential for Whānau Research

Kataraina Pipi

This paper outlines use of the PATH in Māori communities in Aotearoa New Zealand by Kataraina Pipi over the past eight years, including an examination of: • The foundations and principles upon which the PATH is based • The structured and systematic process used • The practical use of the PATH in various settings in Aotearoa • The PATH method’s

Navigators, Whānau Hapu Iwi, Kaupapa Māori
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