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He Kōrero Whānau o Te Rarawa

Wendy Henwood, Jasmine Pirini and Aroha Harris

He Kōrero Whānau is a component of a wider whānau and hapū development project within Te Rarawa, an iwi located in the Far North of Aotearoa. It aimed to prepare and support whānau and hapū to record their own histories, and in doing so to develop research methods and strategies to suit Te Rarawa purposes and realities. The innovation of

Frameworks, Whānau Hapu Iwi, Kaupapa Māori

Innovation as Necessity: Te Rarawa and the Challenges of Multi-Purpose Research

Wendy Henwood, Aroha Harris

One of the major factors affecting not only iwi (tribal) research but also iwi development generally is compartmentalisation of – for example – funding, service provision, service and research contracts, government agencies and policy making.  This article shares some of the research stories and lessons arising from the integration of those individual projects into a single research programme – Ngā

Frameworks, Programmes, Policy, Whānau Hapu Iwi, Kaupapa Māori, Indigenous, Closing The Gaps
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