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Kei te pēwhea tō whānau? Exploring Whānau Well-being through the Māori Social Survey

Kei te pēwhea tō whānau? Exploring whānau using the Māori Social Survey describes how the Māori Social Survey 2013 (Te Kupenga) will study whānau and whānau well-being. This report explains the Māori-centred approach that Te Kupenga takes to understanding whānau and whānau well-being. We also provide a preview of this relatively new approach by presenting data on whānau and whānau

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Public Health

Rangatahi Initiative: Process Evaluation

Roger Macky of Vertical Research

WCA hosts the Rangatahi Initiative which works in “hard to reach” whānau (mostly Black Power affiliated) with a focus on improving physical and emotional/mental health outcomes. It operates as a partnership with Wesley offering supportive infrastructure, supervision, and governance, while the Kaimahi have the credibility to work effectively from within. This research documents how the initiative operates and helps clarify

Rangatahi, Navigators, Programmes

Te Kawai Toro – Report of analysis of expressions of interest 2006

Jennie Harre Hindmarsh

In 2006 the J R McKenzie Trust invited expressions of interest from Māori community organisations for grants supporting whānau development. This resulted in a large and diverse response. This document summarises the themes contained in those proposals, giving a snapshot of many aspirations around whānau development.

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