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Progressive Thinking: Ten Possible Futures for Public & Community Services

While the COVID-19 crisis has reminded us of how underprepared the world was to detect and respond to emerging infectious diseases, it simultaneously revealed how well placed, and effective institutions in Te Ao Māori are in being able to react decisively and positively on behalf of their people. While Government leaders remain focused on navigating the current crisis, we argue

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Public Health

Rangatahi Initiative: Process Evaluation

Roger Macky of Vertical Research

WCA hosts the Rangatahi Initiative which works in “hard to reach” whānau (mostly Black Power affiliated) with a focus on improving physical and emotional/mental health outcomes. It operates as a partnership with Wesley offering supportive infrastructure, supervision, and governance, while the Kaimahi have the credibility to work effectively from within. This research documents how the initiative operates and helps clarify

Rangatahi, Navigators, Programmes
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